PT. Mitra Angkasa Raya (MAR)

established since 2019. This company has expertise in the field of air cargo, with various advantages and exclusivity. This company was founded and well managed by individuals who have high expertise and competence in their respective fields. We cooperate with the leading airline in Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia Cargo.

We believe there is more than just sending goods or cargo, but "convenience and customer trust" is the main thing for us.


To be the best and leading company in the field of express delivery, cargo, effective and professional integrated logistics services in Indonesia.


Develop quality products and services, trusted and able to compete with others. Providing the best service for the satisfaction of customers, business partners, shareholders and stakeholders. Providing profit guarantees and optimal revenue growth. Contribute to the business growth of the country's economy.

Cargo Service Center - KSO

MAR is a company engaged in the field of air cargo. We cooperate with the Cargo Service Center (CSC) which is a sales channel owned by Garuda Indonesia Cargo. More than that, we have established a Work Operations Cooperation (KSO) with the Cargo Service Center (CSC) so that we call it "CSC-KSO".

CSC-KSO is a collaboration carried out with third parties. In this case, our company has an exclusive value where we will be engaged in the cargo sector to create outlets or direct sales channels for Garuda Indonesia Cargo.
In this case, the benefits include:

  • Direct Delivery with Garuda Indonesia
  • Priority on the plane
  • Allocated load and space

So, in essence, we make a good contribution to the growth of the country's economic business. We can guarantee optimal profits and revenue growth. In addition, we have experts in their respective fields. We also have very good relationships with stakeholders.


  • Garuda Indonesia CSC-KSO ABDURRAHMAN-SALEH City Square Complex Block C16 Jl. Abdul Rahman Saleh No. 9 Husen Sastranegara, Kec. Cicendo, Bandung City, West Java, 40174
  • +62 813-1023-7259