MARPT. Mitra Angkasa Raya (MAR)established since 2019. This company has expertise in the field of air cargo, with various advantages and exclusivity. This company was founded and well managed by individuals who have high expertise and competence in their respective fields. We cooperate with the leading airline in Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia Cargo.

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We believe there is more than just sending goods or cargo, but "convenience and customer trust" is the main thing for us.

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To be the best and leading company in the field of express delivery, cargo, effective and professional integrated logistics services in Indonesia.



Develop quality products and services, trusted and able to compete with others. Providing the best service for the satisfaction of customers, business partners, shareholders and stakeholders. Providing profit guarantees and optimal revenue growth. Contribute to the business growth of the country's economy.

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Garuda Indonesia CSC-KSO ABDURRAHMAN-SALEH City Square Complex Block C16 Jl. Abdul Rahman Saleh No. 9 Husen Sastranegara, Kec. Cicendo, Bandung City, West Java, 40174

Garuda Indonesia CSC-KSO RUNGKUT Jl. Medokan Asri Barat No. 30 Ruko Star Paka B-06, Surabaya

Garuda Indonesia CSC-KSO RUNGKUT Jl. Medokan Asri Barat No. 30 Ruko Star Paka B-06, Surabaya

Rudi Ruko 01-02, In front of the new airport gas station, Jl. North Circle SMP 15 Banjarbaru Syamsudin Noor, Kec. Ullin runway, Kota Banjar Baru, South Kalimantan, 70723

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What We Handle

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General Cargo

Serving delivery of general cargo or goods. Our general freight solutions are ideal for fast, comfortable and efficient transportation of all your goods.

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Perishable goods

Integrated refrigeration solutions that guarantee product freshness and integrity for perishable goods.

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Live Animals

Dedicated transportation service to send live animals anywhere.

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Pharmaceutical Goods

Provide delivery of sensitive drugs and pharmaceutical products with protection and control at every step of the journey

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Dangerous goods

Objects or substances that pose a risk to health, safety, assets or the environment.

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Valuable Goods

Extra care and security for valuable and vulnerable shipments.

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Human Remains

Services for sending bodies to domestic or international destinations.

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Heavy Cargo

Serving the delivery of goods with a large number and volume.

Our Clients